The services we offer

We typically help clients in one of two ways:

Advised services

Many clients come to us to resolve specific issues. With staff qualified in highly technical areas we develop plans and strategies across a wide range of situations.

Estate planning

Estate Planning

House prices continue to rise and more families’ estate values are exceeding the inheritance tax thresholds.

Along with other solutions, we have the ability to structure joint life, second death policies which can be written in trust for the beneficiaries under the terms of your will. These policies then fall outside the estate and provide the funds to pay the inheritance tax bill, leaving your beneficiaries to inherit the maximum value of your estate.

Retirement planning

Retirement Planning

Pension legislation frequently changes and our advisers can help ensure you have a properly structured retirement plan.

We believe that this planning should be broken down into two distinct areas: the building up of pension funds and individual advice when the time comes to take your retirement benefits. We are constantly evolving strategies to help our clients achieve the best outcomes in both areas.


Divorce Financial Advice

Divorce is never easy and financial complications can often add to the stress.

Our advisers deliver detailed knowledge and understanding of issues affecting businesses, property, investments, pensions, debts at this difficult time and, most importantly, how all these can be managed effectively according to your priorities. We’ll explain your options and provide strategies that will help you move forward with confidence.


Redundancy Financial Advice

Redundancy is an unsettling time and often the worst possible moment to be making quick-fire financial decisions. We therefore normally recommend a slow, measured approach that gives you time to think carefully about your future.

Our first goal will be to help ensure you receive the best redundancy deal possible. We can then work with you to think about your future options and provide all the back-up information and detail you should consider. Then, when the time is right, we’ll help structure a tailored plan that will help you move forward with confidence.

Lump sum investment

Lump Sum Investment Advice

If you’re an inexperienced investor we can lead you through the maze of different products and providers. We will explain all the details in plain English before recommending the most suitable product for your requirements.

Even if you have some investment experience and know what type of investment is suitable for you, we can help you consider the options surrounding the investment such as tax implications, estate planning and the benefits of offshore investments.

Portfolio management

Portfolio Management

We have a great deal of experience in helping clients construct investment portfolios tailored to their individual requirements.

We talk with you regularly to find out your individual needs for income or capital growth, your taxation position and your attitude to investment risk. These things change over time and regular reviews are very important to ensure your portfolio is always structured appropriately.

Protection for your family

Family Protection

What’s around the corner? No one can predict the future, but we can help you create a sensible financial plan that will protect you and your family against a whole range of potential financial pitfalls.

Protection plans are cost-effective and the peace of mind they bring is priceless.


Mortgages Financial Advice

We can help you find the mortgage that best suits your needs from the thousands of options available. We can also ensure negotiations with the lender go as smoothly as possible — foreseeing potential problems before they occur and helping keep everything on track.

As part of the continued service once you’ve moved, we will review your mortgage after the redemption period to see if switching to another product could offer you further savings.

Holistic planning

We create a holistic lifestyle financial plan including lifetime cash flow modelling. Our ongoing advice and recommendations will cover all aspects of financial planning and implementation.

Harvey Curtis Customers

You can expect exceptional customer service, one-on-one personal attention and sound, intelligent advice — whatever services we provide you with.

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