Protection for your family Harvey Curtis Case Study

Protection for your family

Darren and Lucy are a young aspiring couple referred to us by Darren’s father, an existing client. Unfortunately, the reason for the initial meeting was that Lucy’s parents had died in an accident, resulting in a substantial inheritance.

They realised that it was essential to plan ahead and they had very distinct goals they were looking to achieve, one being to have two children in the next five years!

Moving forwards 5 years they now have 3 children and a robust financial plan that has withstood the ups and downs of the markets.

Their family is secure with regard to the major impacts a sudden and unexpected event in life can bring. Darren’s earnings are protected if he is unable to work due to long term illness. If he is diagnosed with a serious illness or suffers a major health condition, such as a heart attack or cancer, a lump sum will be released to pay off their mortgage, with additional funds to cover the necessary changes to their lifestyle.

Life assurance has obviously been covered, not only for Darren, but also for Lucy, to cover the cost of childcare that would be needed should she die, allowing Darren to continue to earn and support his family.

Finally, we have assisted with investing the children’s Child Trust Funds together with investing monies gifted to them by their grandparents.

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