Our investment process

Our investment process is designed to be a consistent, robust and repeatable procedure. It aims to maximise your potential investment return whilst only exposing you to a level of risk and volatility with which you are comfortable.

Our investment process comprises four distinct stages:

Establishing your attitude to investment risk

Our investment decisions will be based on your attitude to risk.

Financial Advisors - Engagement

Every investment decision revolves around the consideration of risk and potential reward. The greater the level of risk you are willing to take, the greater are the potential rewards, but also the potential losses.

The first step of our investment process is to meet with you to establish your attitude to investment risk. The results of this will be analysed to establish an attitude to risk level between 1 (lowest) and 10 (highest).

We will then discuss this with you in relation to your goals and objectives, personal circumstances and investment term. Based on this we will decide on a risk level that is appropriate for you.

Asset allocation

How we minimise risk and maximise potential returns.

Financial Advisors - Advice

Asset allocation is a strategy that strives to minimise risk and maximise returns by dividing money into different investment assets such as shares, bonds, property and cash. This is widely acknowledged as the key to successful portfolio creation.

Harvey Curtis uses nine model portfolios, each reflecting a different asset allocation in accordance with your attitude to risk, from 2 through to 10. (Should you score 1 it is likely we would recommend that you only invest in cash deposits.)

The asset allocation of each portfolio is provided to us by Distribution Technology — an independent company that analyses historical returns and estimates future outcomes, so maximising returns for each level of risk.

Fund selection

Constructing your personal portfolio.

Financial Advisors - Implementation

The funds used in the model portfolios are selected by Rayner Spencer Mills, an independent research and financial consulting company, from its guided range of funds. The funds within this guided range are researched and chosen using both quantitative and qualitative screening criteria.

The portfolios are constructed to combine a range of funds that complement each other, so that they match the Distribution Technology asset allocation and risk parameters that are suitable for you.

Sometimes, due to the range of funds offered by a pension or investment product provider, it is not possible to achieve the recommended model portfolio. In such a case we will substitute any funds that are unavailable with a suitable alternative.

Reviewing and rebalancing

Continuous monitoring of your investments.

Financial Advisors - Review

The guided range of funds that make up the model portfolios and the guided range of funds are reviewed by Rayner Spencer Mills on a quarterly basis. Funds are added and removed based on a set of defined criteria including performance and volatility.

The portfolios are also cross-checked with the Distribution Technology asset allocations on a quarterly basis.

Harvey Curtis will update its model portfolios to reflect any changes that have been made by Rayner Spencer Mills.

We will review your attitude to risk and personal circumstances on a yearly basis and your investment portfolio will be rebalanced, with your consent, to reflect any changes in your circumstances.

Every stage of our investment process is designed to deliver the best outcome for your portfolio within the level of risk you are comfortable with.

Harvey Curtis Process
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