Working with us

Our approach ensures absolute transparency in our relationship with you. The value we add at every step of the journey is clear and at all times you will know what work we are doing for you and how much it costs.

There are four key steps in our client relationship approach:


Getting to know each other and establishing how we can work together.

Financial Advisors - Engagement

We spend time getting to know you, not just collecting data (although that’s part of it) but understanding what’s really important to you. We will also discuss your views on things like the level of risk you are happy to take with your investments.

Using this information, we identify your financial objectives and also consider the arrangements you already have in place. We use market-leading technology to ensure this process is accurate and efficient.

Once this is completed we confirm in writing what work needs to be undertaken and how much it will cost.


Putting together a financial strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Financial Advisors - Advice

From the picture we have created we construct your individual plan using expertise within the Harvey Curtis team.

We analyse funds and products from across the whole of the market, consider a wide range of asset classes and ensure tax efficiency is maximised. Once we’ve done this we prepare a personal report setting out our recommendations and discuss this with you.


Ensuring all agreed plans are implemented.

Financial Advisors - Implementation

Once agreed, we handle the execution of your plan to ensure positive steps are taken immediately.

Our administration team takes care of all paperwork and is experienced in resolving technical queries and dealing with a range of third parties. As well as making the plan come to life, this ensures that all records are stored electronically in one place and kept up to date for review purposes.

Throughout this process a dedicated administrative contact keeps you updated as things progress.


Making sure things remain on track.

Financial Advisors - Review

Of course, financial advice goes beyond recommending a product or providing the initial advice. In fact only through regular monitoring and review is it possible to ensure arrangements remain relevant and on track.

Our automated systems enable us to monitor performance on clients’ behalf and through our review process we are able to ensure:

  • Plans continue to meet identified and agreed objectives
  • Strategies remain relevant to lifestyle aspirations and needs
  • Changes to situation, earnings, objectives, attitudes are reassessed

Combined with relevant information and news throughout the year our focus is very much on establishing an ongoing relationship with our clients.

Harvey Curtis Process
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